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    The Mega Kitchen of Puri
    27 Jun 2017
    Puri Jagannath Temple is an important pilgrimage site, which bustles with huge crowd all through the year. But one of the unheralded feature of this ancient temple is its kitchen. The temple hosts one of the largest kitchens in the world. There are 56 different types of food items cooked here everyday, by 700 cooks and their 500 assistants. The delicacies are offered at intermittent servings to Lord Jagannath. After that, the food is sold at the temple market known as Ananda Bazaar. These delicacies can feed 5,000 devotees seeking the Mahaprashad. But, the kitchen remains closed during the Rath Yatra celebrations, when it is held that the Lord has high fever and makes his visit to aunt's house.
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    Enjoy the splish-splash of rains with these travel hacks
    26 Jun 2017
    Travelling in monsoon has its own pleasure and problems. We cannot control the unprecedented rains, but can definitely make the best of this monsoon season. Carrying an umbrella and wearing gumboots is just not enough when it comes to travelling in train. So, don’t let the monsoon spoil your trip and check out these travel tips.
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    Follow the Ratha Yatra trail in Odisha
    23 Jun 2017
    Puri Rath Yatra involves one of the most iconic celebrations in the country. A much-awaited event, it witnesses a conglomeration of people coming from every section of society to seek blessings of Lord Jagannath. Most of you still think Puri to be the only destination to experience the spectacular Ratha Yatra. But actually, there are many other cities in Odisha where the journey of Lord Jagannath to his dear aunt's place is celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm. Want to learn more about these cities?
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    Monsoon and chai-trails!
    22 Jun 2017
    Everyone loves a warm cup of tea and especially when it can be enjoyed amidst the greenery, chirping birds and local women picking the finest tea leaves – it is truly a heaven. Amidst the fog instigated moving tea gardens with dew drops moving from the leaves and branches, the downpour revives us all. Whether it’s Coonoor or Munnar – these leading tea destinations are a perfect departure for some calm time and assure serenity. A visit to one of these tea destinations will transform you from a tea lover to a preacher of tea tourism in no time.
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    Biryani: Mumtaz Mahal's gift to India
    21 Jun 2017
    Biryani made an entry into India along with the Mughals, but was largely confined within the royal court for many centuries. According to a dictate, the dish could not be prepared by anyone but the royal Mughal chef. Biryani remained a dish served on special occasions and tasted by the nobles only. As the story goes, one day Mumtaz Mahal visited the army barracks and found the Mughal soldiers were severely undernourished. She immediately ordered that they be served biryani to help them stay fit. And soon biryani was being cooked in Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata and the Malabar Coast. So, from being a royal dish, today it is a favourite of one and all.
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    Did you know elephants have spa sessions too?
    20 Jun 2017
    So, is any one of you planning for a spa session for long? Well, some elephants are luckier than humans too! Yes, this misty, drizzling season of monsoon is also a spa season for elephants in Kerala. Since elephants are known to play a vital role in Kerala’s grand temple processions, the Punnathoor Kotta Elephant Yard in Gurvayur organises a spa therapy programme for them every year. Here elephants have a gala time as they get soothing massage, refreshing baths and a chance to get feed on specially- curated nutritious menu.
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    Beyond the Temples of Guwahati
    19 Jun 2017
    Guwahati is known as the “Temple City of Northeast”, and a place to be visited for spiritual upliftment. This city is also filled with many other attractive propositions for a tourist. From treating your eyes with the Brahmaputra river cruises to seeing one-horned Rhinos or visiting an island that holds the endangered Golden Langurs, there are endless options for you to explore.
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    A holiday for the love of dads!
    16 Jun 2017
    Are you planning a special gift for your daddy dearest this Father's Day? Well, no more cliché gifts for him, please! Rather take him for a vacation to the place he wanted to visit from long and where he could participate in things he just loves. So, if you really want to make this Father's Day a memorable one for your dad, then you've got to look into some of these great vacation ideas we have come up with.
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    The Disappearing Temple of Gujarat
    15 Jun 2017
    The Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple, situated in the small town of Kavi Kamboi, is better known as the disappearing temple. This temple is visible, and can be visited, only in the early morning hours. Once the high tides roll in towards afternoon, the temple gets completely submerged. This 150-year-old Shiva temple, is situated at the confluence of the Arabian Sea and Bay of Cambay. The submerging and re-emerging of this temple is a visual treat for the visitors. Apart from this, there are many other unique temples in India.
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    Fun, frolic and mouth-watering feast awaits you at Rajo fest
    14 Jun 2017
    Rajo is a quintessential festival of Odisha which is celebrated every year during the Odia month of Asadha (14th -17th June). What makes Rajo special is the unique blend of rich traditions along with high-spirited fun and mouthwatering cuisines amidst the first showers of monsoon. While for the locals, it's a nostalgia which re-connects them to their family and roots, for tourists it's more of a merriment. Whatever be the interpretations, Rajo guarantees fun and happy times in our lives.
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    Relive India’s eternal love story at Agnigarh Fort
    13 Jun 2017
    Now, most of you must have heard about William Shakespeare's eternal love story – Romeo and Juliet. But not many know about an Indian alternative to it. The lover story of Aniruddha (Lord Krishna’s grandson) and Usha (King Bana's daughter) of Asura descent is an equally impelling mythological tale. If you want to feel this story, then a visit to the Agnigarh Fort is imperative. Surrounded by hills, the Agnigarh Fort is where Usha was kept confined, to keep her from meeting Aniruddha. It is mythologically known that the perimeter of this fort was surrounded by fire. Tezpur, in Assam, is where the Agnigarh Fort is located and contains many other hidden tourist jewels.
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    Blessed by the rain gods!
    12 Jun 2017
    If you thought monsoon in Maharastra are all about sitting indoors, sipping hot cuppa with some pakodas, then you are wrong! There are many beautiful getaways close by Mumbai and Pune, where rains are spectacular. The green valleys, cloudy skies and occasional rainbows make your trip a treat to the senses. Want to discover more such places for a quick monsoon getaway?
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    Let’s get a bit wet!
    9 Jun 2017
    If you thought monsoon isn’t the season to travel, you are definitely missing out on a whole lot of amazing travel experiences! Sweet-smelling wet soil, the sound of raindrops and the hovering clouds cast a magical charm. Not convinced? Look out for more reasons to travel during monsoon.
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    India's crusade for a clean & green planet!
    5 Jun 2017
    From past few years, the new positivity of nurturing a better planet has been taking over we Indians. We all have been working together towards conserving the environment and being more responsible towards raising its awareness. With so many initiatives being planned and launched to curb pollution and climate change, our country is taking leaps and bounds in bringing a change. So, this Environment Day, let us once again commit to live in harmony with Mother Nature and keep our beloved Earth clean & green.
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    Beat the heat with these iconic treats!
    2 Jun 2017
    Having an ice cream does not really have a season, but a scoop of these flavoured ice is the only delicious solution to kill the summer heat. So this summer, give those artificial flavours a miss and try fresh fruits and real flavours in your cones and ice cream bowls instead. If you are unsure where to find them, take a look at the list we carved for you.
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    Enjoy the Bliss of Nature
    31 May 2017
    Blessed with supreme natural beauty, Kargil and Drass are the true jewels of Kashmir. With a past history of unrest, the places has its beauty intact and it also reminds us of the great sacrifices our soldiers have done at the borders. Comprising of beautiful valleys, historic museums and pristine village, Kargil and Drass are must visit destinations for every travel lover.
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    Gift your kids the best of moments this holiday season!
    29 May 2017
    It's vacation time and your kids are all set to be pampered. But wait, hey, why not take your little ones for a fun vacation? Not only you will have a great family time together, but even your kids will also be able to explore the pleasures of traveling, adventures and serenity alike. So, check out our super cool list of kids-friendly hot-spots and make plans for an ultimate fun-cation!
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    A train that binds two nations
    24 May 2017
    With similar culture and food habits, West Bengal (on the Indian side) and Dhaka (in Bangladesh) have a lot in common. Maitree Express has been the connecting train between these two halves of Bengal for more than 8 years now. But if you intend to make this cross border journey, there are many regulations you must stay aware of.
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    The Splendor of Indo-Aryan Architecture
    22 May 2017
    Masroor rock cut temples in Kangra are one of the finest existing specimens of Indo-Aryan architecture. This temple complex has 15 monolithic rock-cut temples, and each of them have intricate carvings on them. The temples are also famous for its stone staircase, which is believed to have been built by the Pandavas from Mahabharata.
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    The UTLIMATE summer adventure bucket list!
    19 May 2017
    There is nothing wrong with spending your summer vacation at hill stations or at some balmy beach, in a laid back style. But if you crave for more than just a vacation, then you are at the right place. Here are some of the incredible activities you can take on this summer. From motorbiking to rock climbing, you can actually leave your footprints wherever you travel.
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    Hit the road to unravel Hazaribagh's marvels
    15 May 2017
    Hazaribagh, the quaint little town in Jharkhand, has been the inspiration behind many great literary works. A visit to this mesmerizing hamlet will answer your question if you have been wondering why Hazaribagh captivates one and all. The beauty of this town will relax your senses and probably make it difficult for you to head back to city life. One can reach Hazaribagh by taking a train to Koderma, but the easiest way is to catch a bus from Kolkata or Ranchi.
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    Plan the perfect getaway for your mother
    13 May 2017
    Mothers are always special and unarguably the best thing that could have happened to us. Whether it is any good news or plain secret, we prefer sharing with our mother first. So, this Mother’s Day celebrate this special bond by planning a holiday with your mother. No need to think hard, for we have the perfect destinations that you and your mum would love. You can just choose and plan.
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    Some ‘thanda’ on you train journeys!
    12 May 2017
    The charm of summer quickly wears off and we are already trying to figure out how to stay cool, calm and bug-free in this scorching heat. And especially when you are travelling, it becomes really important to have some awesome summer hacks up your sleeves for you to enjoy your trip. So we give you a list of some super cool ways to keep away your summer travel blues. Check them out...
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    Long and winding route to student travel concessions
    11 May 2017
    When the educational institutes decide to take their students on an excursion, they have to undergo a long and tedious process to get student concession. This process would need multiple visits to railway offices and is a time consuming process. But the enthusiasm of students can make this process happen. Mind you, student concessions can only be availed for physical over-the-counter ticket bookings.
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    Little Israel in Tamil Nadu
    8 May 2017
    Vattakanal, a small village situated on the southern tip of the upper Palani hills, is one of the unexplored natural marvels of Tamil Nadu. The village is known as the Little Israel of South India. Not because it has a large Israeli population, but because a huge number of Israeli tourists visit this village every year. During the late summers or early monsoons the count of tourists doubles that of villagers.
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    Let's tango for the love of mangoes
    1 May 2017
    Indians have an ineffable love for mangoes. Its 500-1000 varieties not only differ in shape, size and colour but also in its scrumptious taste. Though it’s not possible to describe all the varieties, tap to know about some of the delicious ones.
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    Take a trip to Assam's unexplored gem.
    28 Apr 2017
    Tezpur, situated in the Himalayan foothills and surrounded by the river Brahmaputra, is a destination that will mesmerize the senses of its visitors. The natural beauty of this small city is supreme, but apart from that, it is associated with many legends and folklores of Assam. And while at Tezpur, you will surely be amazed by the cleanliness of the city. So pack your bags and explore the marvels of Tezpur.
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    From Dabbas to Apps
    17 Mar 2017
    Eating quality meals on train journeys have always remained top priority for the passengers. Did you know: 1980s saw a new trend among passengers. This was the carefree era of food adventurers, who did not care for the hygiene. But, their bad experiences led to a more cautious approach towards food on train. Modern day passengers have a wider choice and options, thanks to the technology enabled food services, such as RailYatri a lot of food problems for train passengers in the recent years have been solved.
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    Time to take hygiene into your own hands
    3 Mar 2017
    Long train journeys would be unthinkable without the toilets. But did you know, when you are using these toilets and their toilet seats you are exposing yourself to germs and bacteria. Exposure to these could lead to various diseases. This is why time has come to care for your health.
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    Partners who travel together, stay together!
    14 Feb 2017
    It is widely believed that there is an initial time when you definitely want you and your partner should know each other. And travelling is truly one of those coolest things you can do together with your loved one. While solo travelling could be inspiring, a train journey with your loved one would unbox many aspects about each other, bringing you much closer and strengthening your love & bond. So, here are a few reasons on why you should go on a train journey at least once with your loved one
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    Time just stands still here!
    6 Feb 2017
    Backwaters are the iconic tourist attractions of Kerala, and its beauty can be best relished with a stay in a houseboat. Gentle cruises along the Alleppey and Kumarakom will blow your mind away with the beauty all around. From solitary islands to traditional Kerala villages, there is just so much to see. While you are in the boat, do request the inhouse cook to prepare delicacies such as Neymeen, Pazhamboori or Kappa dishes.
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    Sipping hot cuppa in Navi Mumbai
    4 Feb 2017
    If you like to spend some ‘me’ time sipping hot cuppa coffee with delicious snacks thrown in, then surely a visit to some of the famous cafes in town should be on your cards. Navi Mumbai is blessed with a string of great cafes, each with great ambience and personal specialties. Interested?